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The partnership with AirAdvice for Homes™ helps contractors bring Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) awareness to the table on every call, allowing AirAdvice contractors to have the AirAdvice 30-minute Flash Report appear in the ServiceTitan customer record.
Key Features


  1. Easily Test Indoor Air Quality

    1. Test on every call and the report is automatically saved with the job in ServiceTitan automatically. The AirAdvice monitor is a professional grade tool that measures the six major parameters of IAQ: particulates, VOC’s, CO2, Temperature, Humidity, & CO.

  2. Real-Time Reporting

    1. AirAdvice’s 30-min Flash Report allows your salesmen or tech to add comprehensive third-party measurements addressing IAQ concerns, and share the results with the homeowner while he is still home with little to no disruption to your everyday routines.

  3. Immediate Solutions

    1. The AirAdvice 30-min Flash Report allows your team to showcase product solutions to every issue surrounding Indoor Air Quality.

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