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Simplifying tax compliance through automation: The power to manage sales tax rate determination, exemption management and returns filing & remittance can be built into your ServiceTitan account, saving you time, money, and effort.
Accounting and Tax
Key Features


  1. Improved Rate Accuracy

    1. Avalara verifies addresses with rooftop accuracy across 12,000+ tax jurisdictions in the United States. This ensures tax is applied more accurately than when relying on ZIP codes and decreases the chance of wrong delivery or returned shipment.

  2. Product-level Taxability

    1. Easily manage taxability rules across a variety of products and services. Avalara maintains a vast catalog of product taxability rules in order to apply the appropriate tax across thousands of SKUs.

  3. Multi-channel Management

    1. Apply the right tax for each customer — no matter their location or sales channel. Avalara lets you apply a single tax profile to each customer. That means the appropriate tax is applied whether they purchased through your web store, a POS system, or direct sale. Reduce audit risk by validating all your tax-exempt sales. By entering a certificate number into a customer record, Avalara keeps certificates on file in your ERP and easily accessible at the point of sale.

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