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Blue Corona is a ServiceTitan Certified Marketer that combines the power and data of ServiceTitan with your digital marketing campaigns, generating more qualified leads from homeowners who live in your most profitable service areas, reducing customer acquisition costs, and increasing your ROI from the web.
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Key Features


  1. Increase Qualified Leads

    1. Blue Corona leverages its customers’ ServiceTitan data to build and execute higher-performing campaigns and target the right customers, at the right time, with the right message.

  2. Reduce Marketing Costs

    1. Connect ServiceTitan data to your marketing campaigns to make educated, impactful business decisions. Blue Corona helps ServiceTitan companies reduce marketing and customer acquisition costs.

  3. Differentiate Your Brand

    1. Stand out in homeowners’ inboxes with timely emails from Marketing Pro. Using ServiceTitan data, we help you raise customer lifetime value and build a community of loyal, raving fans.


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