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Building and growing great brands: BxB Media has been assisting our clients with ServiceTitan ® since 2015 and began working with ServiceTitan Marketing Pro when it first launched in 2019. Early on, several of our Marketing Coaches took it upon themselves to dig deep into ServiceTitan Marketing Pro, going beyond the basics in order to prove a solid ROI for BxB clients who were using it. The results exceeded our expectations, and we realized what a powerful tool ServiceTitan Marketing Pro is and just how much our clients could benefit from using it.
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Key Features


  1. Collaborate with Experts

    1. BxB Media collaborates with HVAC. Plumbing and Electrical professionals to build great brands and help them grow. Our staff is CERTIFIED and trained on Service Titan and ST Marketing Pro to get you the best ROI! We have a team of dozens of people who spend every day strategizing, planning, coaching, and researching how to market and grow HVAC, plumbing and electrical companies.

  2. Take a Holistic Approach

    1. BxB will guide you on how to use marketing tools to deliver a consistent and professional brand message to keeping you on track to meet your goals. In order to be successful, it is critical to be consistent across all forms of media from your website to print pieces to social media to vehicle wraps—and everything in between.

  3. Build a Strategy

    1. Not every HVAC, Plumbing or electrical companies are the same. When it comes to marketing, beginning with the end in mind and having a plan to get there is critical. BxB will meet you where you are to create a strategy that will build your brand so your company can grow and be a powerhouse in your local market.


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