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Operations Excellence, better known as Chicken Lady Speaks, strives to serve companies in the Heating, Cooling, Electrical, Plumbing, Home Services & Commercial Industries by helping your team cultivate excellent Customer Service Representatives & Office Management Superheroes. We also firmly believe in creating and implementing your own custom standard operating procedures (SOP’s) to let your company run at its highest level of efficiency. Let us teach you how to have your ServiceTitan work fluidly with your QuickBooks so your management team will have the most current AND accurate data possible, everyone wins!
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  1. Customer Service

    1. All jobs start with contact to your CSR’s, let me help you turn them into their own CSR Superhero. The ultimate office dynamic will have great ethics, culture, and value. We can help your CSR team be the face/voice of your office. Aside from our virtual and onsite training with clients, we also offer virtual and in-person CSR Bootcamps held throughout the United States.

  2. Memberships

    1. Memberships can be very complicated to set up and learn to manage, we can build or help you build with the whole process in mind. Especially if you are a company who defers your revenue! We have an excellent team of detailed oriented people who can help you build your memberships or repair your current members if the pieces just aren’t working the way you envisioned.

  3. Pricebooks

    1. Pricebooks really feed the machine in ServiceTitan and set you up for success when it is built well. For many clients, we find that it is missing pieces or layers, or they just don’t understand how to update it easily. We can train your staff to understand the components and be able to complete updates on your own. We have been helping clients build and repair their price books for years, when they don’t have the time or staff in-house to commit to the project.


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