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We have the track record & are considered thought leaders in the Local SEO industry. We build custom-tailored Local SEO & PPC sprints solely based on what your goals are, no checkbox 'solutions'. We <3 ServiceTitan as it truly helps show what you're hiring us for, a phenomenal ROI.
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  1. Strategies, Not Tactics

    1. Without a strategy, you're throwing spaghetti against the wall to see what sticks. The average experience each one our Strategists have is 5.5 years.

  2. Transparency = Delivering Work

    1. We're a deliverables focused company and whether we need feedback or not on a deliverable, your dedicated PM emails it to you. You'll know what the heck you're actually paying for.

  3. We’re Anti-Experts

    1. We believe it's impossible to be an expert in an industry with ever-evolving algorithms. We let our experience & clients' results do the talking. We embrace remaining teachable.

“RicketyRoo has been a great company to work with! Our past experiences with SEO companies involved locking into 12-month contracts with the agency doing a lot of technical busy work in the first month and then seemingly coasting for the next 11. Until working with RicketyRoo, we were never really sure if the SEO “experts” really knew what they were doing and if they were keeping up with the ever-changing SEO landscape. We interviewed several SEO agencies before deciding to work with RicketyRoo. Within 15 minutes of our introduction call, Blake was walking us through many of the technical issues with our site as well as several offsite strategies that our past SEO consultants had failed to take advantage of. Working with RicketyRoo has been a great experience. In addition to seeing the results of RicketyRoo’s work first hand, the fact that Blake is a Local Search Ranking Factors contributor and is mentioned in several Moz experts panels gives me a lot of assurance that he knows what he is talking about and is helping us take advantage of the latest local SEO knowledge.” - Drew Timberlake, CIO, A.B. May

“RicketyRoo has organized action plans and delivers results. They have the tools and data to help your business grow.” - Chris Brule, CEO, Blue Mountain Plumbing, Heating & Cooling


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