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ClearPathGPS gives ServiceTitan users real-time location and visibility data on their in the field technicians. By directly connecting their ClearPathGPS-tracked vehicles into our robust dispatch board, home service businesses are able to make dispatching decisions and streamline job scheduling at a glance. Please be in touch for a FREE demo.
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Faster, Easier Dispatch
With real-time visibility into the exact location of all your vehicles and crews, you can dispatch faster, more efficiently, and provide more accurate arrival estimates to clients.
Complete More Jobs
Real-time tracking and live traffic updates ensure that your crews take the fastest routes possible, reduce unsanctioned stops, and get jobs done at a lower cost.
Reduce Your Overhead
GPS tracking helps lower fuel costs, reduces unnecessary overtime, can lower insurance premiums, and improve customer satisfaction— all of which go right straight to your bottom line.


ClearPathGPS has brought easy to use and easy to afford GPS tracking solutions to small and mid-sized fleets since 2013. Our “no contract” service plans give freedom and flexibility to your business, allowing you to manage your company as you see fit by cancelling or even suspending trackers whenever you want.

At ClearPathGPS, we earn your business every month with fast, reliable 30-second tracking and powerful, intuitive tools and reports that help you increase productivity while driving down operational expenses of your mobile workforce.

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