Import your iManifold Reports into a ServiceTitan job easily and in real-time

The iManifold provides HVAC equipment performance data with verified measurements, diagnostics and reports, all seamlessly integrated into the ServiceTitan management platform.
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Eliminate Manual Uploads
All iManifold reports are instantly and automatically imported into the ServiceTitan customer's job record.
Increase Upsells
Combine the power of ServiceTitan and iManifold in HVAC routine to improve sales conversions in the field.
Real-time Field Reporting
1-Click access to share reports with customers directly from the ServiceTitan mobile app or from the convenience of an office desktop.


North Park Innovations Group is home to the iManifold, a revolutionary, award-winning digital manifold diagnostics system, enabling HVAC contractors and their techs to more accurately and quickly read data and diagnose system issues, while providing suggestions on how to fix problems. With a free basic app, adding a Pro+ subscription allows easy sharing, better connectivity between technicians, and custom reporting.   

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